LEICA Zoom 70-180 offers convincing contrast and sharpness values across the whole image range – and even at maximum aperture. With this lens it was possible to design an apochromatically corrected zoom lens with an optical performance that stands any comparison with lenses with fixed focal lengths — and that at high apertures! Even at full aperture, it is impressive because of its outstanding definition across its entire focal length range. Coma and astigmatism are practically non-existent. The two separate setting rings for focus and focal length make it especially easy to select the right cropping of your subject.

70-180 mm LEICA Zoom

Lens Mount: PL
Focal Length: 70 — 180 mm
Close Focus: 1,7 m
Aperture: F2.8-22
Maximum Format Cover: Full Frame
Front Diameter: 85 mm
Length: 213 mm
Weight: 1,849 kg

Kyiv, Ukraine

14 Polyarna Str., 04201


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