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LEICA Macro 60mm

Excellent image quality in the close-up range, outstanding sharpness and fascinating detail fidelity are a matter of course for LEICA Macro 60 mm. Stopping the lens down by one or two stops results in superb results at greater distances as well. It is also flare-free, even under difficult lighting conditions. Vignetting and distortion are practically non-existent. With its focal length of 60 mm, it has a particularly versatile range of applications.

60 mm LEICA Macro Van Diemen

Lens Mount: PL
Focal Length: 60 mm
Close Focus: 0,2 m
Aperture: T2.8-32
Maximum Format Cover: Full Frame
Front Diameter: 100 mm
Length: 184 mm
Weight: 1,573 kg

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